size?Exclusive Adidas Trimm Star ‘VHS’

WHILST Nike have been dominating the sneaker-world’s runner market recently, Adidas have been nothing but consistent when it comes to feeding a consumer’s hunger for the classic football-casual silhouettes.

Throughout 2018 – and the tail end of 2017 – Adidas coerced with size? to reproduce a number of best-sellers from their archive. Unsurprisingly, this vast array of timeless classics and new colourways created an unprecedented level of internet commotion; the level that we’d only be familiar with amongst new-age ‘Hypebeasts’.

But in line with these releases, there’s something that new-age collectors cannot replicate. Adidas and Jordan Brand both follow suite when retro-ing fan favourites – so the Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin and St Patrick’s Day? They’ve all been released before. Customers lining the street – they already have that pair.


So, size? flew out of the blocks with a new, somewhat youthful rendition of the Trimm Star – already seen this year draped in purple/slime, as well as a brown upper with burgundy stripes. Until this point (including the first half of the pack), a short-haired suede had been the preferential choice of Three Stripes however a second instalment of this pack saw a full-grain, lightly tumbled premium leather cladding the upper.

Both colourways take inspiration from the VHS tapes used to record football matches, back when SKY+ and Digital Recording Devices weren’t yet publicly accessible. Typically, VHS tapes were cased in cardboard sleeves, sporting these two colour-schemes. Though tapes have a standard shelf-life, Adidas will be dropping these in the hope of creating an instant classic.IMG_0051.jpg

Both pairs are accompanied by a small, fold-out poster… and special boxes. Admittedly, it would have been nice for each pair to be inclosed within contrasting boxes. But, beggars cannot be choosers. Adidas and size? have knocked this out of the park, coming from someone who hasn’t caught the appeal of any Archive pair up until this point.

In summary, both shoes are un-doubtably premium. Exclusive boxes, accompanying posters and a distinct lack of glue-marks. The black pair is far more impressive once on foot – on display the suede seemed slightly patchy, yet this concern seems to iron out once worn-in. The creams, a personal favourite, sees (as mentioned) a full-grain leather sitting upon a light gum sole. An assortment of bright, summer colours breaks up the monochromatic side-wall of each pair – a black panel injects some more contrast on the cream heel, too.



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