The impact of Blockchain and E-currency within fashion, Pt.2: What is Blockchain?

IT IS all well and good that, in an ever-changing world, we’re introducing new and exciting ways to buy, sell or even trade clothing and other miscellaneous — however, there is one distinct phrase that springs confusion upon the face of change.

Blockchain, what is it and who in the fashion world has taken it under their wing? Continue reading “The impact of Blockchain and E-currency within fashion, Pt.2: What is Blockchain?”

Why supporting your local is more important than ever

ALL-IN-ALL, retail looks like retail for those on the outside looking in, irrespective of its physical form. We have fashion retail, luxury, warehouse or even your corner-shop tailor — but are you aware of the impact Covid-19 could have on their future? For multi-national companies of course the struggle will take its toll temporarily, but in no way, shape or form will this compare to the backlash that solo business and shopfront could be facing very soon Continue reading “Why supporting your local is more important than ever”

Will the future of fashion involve Blockchain? Pt. 1, Grey Market retailers

FASHION has its own, convoluted way of working its way into every profession and path of life; whether it be fundamentally important within the area of work or an afterthought outside of the industry — the person reading this articles cares about how they dress, just as everyone else does. 

Now you may be wondering, what has this got to do with Blockchain or e-currency; well let me explain. Statistics produced by GLOBALDATA suggest the second-hand clothing market will nearly double in value between 2019 and 2023 — this is a leap from $28 billion (yes, billion) to $51 billion accumulatively amongst shift stores, resale markets and all other accessible outlets. Continue reading “Will the future of fashion involve Blockchain? Pt. 1, Grey Market retailers”

Your three minute guide to sustainable streetwear

FROM catwalk to sidewalk, sustainable living is progressively worming its way into everyday fashion lifestyle – but, just how accessible are genuinely eco-friendly products? In 2019, endless brands promised to follow the likes of Veja and even Apple, in pushing for a cleaner world; so, how many were successful? We pulled together eight of our favourite eco-garments, breaking down factors to identify if you’re hoping to do your part in saving the planet.

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