Who brought a deck to a court?

SKATEBOARDING and basketball, two sports that share very little similarities on a technical level – however, aesthetically the duo tend to cross paths once a specific characteristic is introduced. Sneakers. Continue reading “Who brought a deck to a court?”

What was Nike’s Alpha Project?

NIKE’S Alpha project was one to be far more accessible than we all realise – a branch of Nike sportswear marked by three iconic dots with the sole aim of creating the best sports models possible. However, have you heard of it? Continue reading “What was Nike’s Alpha Project?”

A legitimately bootleg market

BOOTLEG or counterfeit, whichever angle you view this argument, in my eyes both of the above scream ‘cheap, fake, knock-off’. What I’m saying is, they’re not real. Bootleg culture has been present for years.

It stems from an evermore expensive industry, littered with even more exclusive collaborations and releases, week-in, week-out. Consumers can’t keep up, it’s a relentless rally, wave-after-wave-after wave. It’s the consumers that opt for cheaper alternatives — a naturally maternal instinct of scrimping and saving for the 12 months prior to a holiday, that, on a wider scale is the situation. Continue reading “A legitimately bootleg market”

These shoes were made for walking, but that’s not what they’ll do

COLLECTING, hoarding, accumulation or investing — whatever your preference may be, there’s no ignoring the presence niche markets hold in our. Whether it be age-old comics or original movie scripts, there’s value in just about everything. However, would you buy sneakers with the sole purpose of leaving them box-fresh, until materials inevitably deteriorate? Continue reading “These shoes were made for walking, but that’s not what they’ll do”