Touching Upon Nike’s 2010s

THE 2010s have played host to numerous trends and styles; some are memorable landmarks and some, well, are fit to remain in the last decade. There have been numerous failed or ‘flopped’ launches despite extravagant PR exposure, in turn completely countered by gold-dust or the quick-fix solution that is celebrity-endorsement. But, how many milestones are genuinely worth recalling? Whilst I may miss a handful of mentionable moments, here is a loose round-up of major NIKE sneaker moments that happened between 1st January 2010 and 31st December 2019 . I give to you Nike, Oregon’s giants. Continue reading “Touching Upon Nike’s 2010s”

SB, or not SB? That is the question

FOR many of the aged sneaker enthusiast, distinguishing between two iterations of a single silhouette is not as difficult as you would expect; comparatively no different to spotting the difference between a small mountain goat and a Ford Fiesta, per se. In the grand scheme of things, how do we differentiate between Nike’s Dunk, and Dunk SB? Continue reading “SB, or not SB? That is the question”