What was Nike’s Alpha Project?

NIKE’S Alpha project was one to be far more accessible than we all realise – a branch of Nike sportswear marked by three iconic dots with the sole aim of creating the best sports models possible. However, have you heard of it?

Nike’s designers and research team would have worked on close quarters with some of the world’s most successful athletes, with the likes of Ronaldo and Gary Payton included. Nike released the project to the public on the first of January 1999 – a new line for the new year, one to be rejuvenated for years to come.

It is rare you see a landmark or memorable advert the days, perhaps Superbowl ads may be the only exception; whereas Alpha took on the likes of Michael Bay to direct theirs. The same Michael Bay who directed and continues to direct the Transformers franchise, Bad Boys I & II and Coyote Ugly was hired by Nike to push this line of advanced sportswear.

Credit: Allsport

The first publicly available silhouette was that inspired by American runner Michael Johnson, which took on the form of the Air Zoom Citizen. Next, followed Agassi’s Air Zoom Beyond and even some of the brand’s most memorable silhouettes.

Possible the most successful model to leave Alpha’s studios was the Air Presto, a sneaker originally branded as a ‘t-shirt for your feet’ and available in sizes xxs-xxl.


Feature credit: size?


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