How film immortalised the sneaker industry, Pt.2

CARRYING on from the handful of mentionable movie moments in pt.1, I give you pt.2 of the sneaker-world’s most memorable features within the film industry.

Though it wasn’t the most iconic feature, it was one that force-fed a silhouette to the consumer-market and imprinted its image on the mind of collectors. Nike internationalist model was seen in The Breakfast Club, as Brian showed up to detention wearing the blue and yellow OG colourway. With such a pair being on-screen alongside Converse All Stars and other canvas sneakers, there’s a reason this image holds such weight.

brian internationalist
Picture credit:

Next up is an odd one, perhaps a sign of Nike’s late-90s product placement mastery whilst the iconic Air More Uptempo featured in the 1997 iteration of George of the Jungle. In the film, Brendan Fraser (you know, George?) is shipped via UPS to his homeland in Africa. Upon arrival, he breaks out a new pair of the basketball sneaker starts exploring the wide plains ahead of him. Nike were pretty well known for their outlandish placements around this time, particularly endorsing untraditional cameos.

Picture credit: Youtube

Adidas don’t tend to steal the limelight all that often, however when they do it’s almost certainly going to be an exclusive. Three stripes dressed their recently retro’ed Rom silhouette in a colourway specifically for Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, combining multiple shades of blue with yellow laces and custom Zissou, replacing where ‘Rom’ would normally sit. Naturally, fans of both the brand and sneaker had been craving a public release for the set-exclusives, by which Adidas kept them waiting until 2017 – 13 years after the film was initially aired. Even then, after a 13-year wait, Adidas still limited the shoe to 100 pairs worldwide…

adidas zissou
Picture credit: SNEAKERS.FR

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