Will the future of fashion involve Blockchain? Pt. 1, Grey Market retailers

FASHION has its own, convoluted way of working its way into every profession and path of life; whether it be fundamentally important within the area of work or an afterthought outside of the industry — the person reading this articles cares about how they dress, just as everyone else does. 

Now you may be wondering, what has this got to do with Blockchain or e-currency; well let me explain. Statistics produced by GLOBALDATA suggest the second-hand clothing market will nearly double in value between 2019 and 2023 — this is a leap from $28 billion (yes, billion) to $51 billion accumulatively amongst shift stores, resale markets and all other accessible outlets. Continue reading “Will the future of fashion involve Blockchain? Pt. 1, Grey Market retailers”

#Ad: Crep Protect Ultimate Box review

THERE is a plethora, or should we say an infinite number of protective products when it comes to prolonging the near-perfect condition of your trainers. But, just how much do you know about the vast options available at this point in time? 

Crep Protect offer the Ultimate Box, the kit comprises of seven products; cleaning solution, 2 x Protect Pills, Hog Brush, Eraser, 6 x Wipes and a Microfibre Cleaning-cloth. Continue reading “#Ad: Crep Protect Ultimate Box review”

Michael Jordan’s… racing team?

A LITTLE-known topic to address, is the fact that Michael Jordan was a passionate motorsport enthusiast. In particular, motorbikes.

After signing to the Bulls, Jordan agreed it would be best to pack in the leathers and stick to the sport he loved most; seeing high-speed bike racing as ‘too much of a liability’. Continue reading “Michael Jordan’s… racing team?”

What The F… Safari? Part 2

GOOD things always come in pairs; magpies, fish and chips, Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 1 and Air Safari both dropping in ’87 — you know, those things. England-based-come-worldwide retailer, size?, decided to follow suit and release two of Nike’s most popular silhouettes, draped in an all safari get-up as part of a collection fittingly named ‘What The Safari?’. Size?, took it back to the company’s roots in terms of Nike collaborations — as you’ll see in my last article, they’re no stranger to the luxury sofa inspired decal.

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Welcome to the jungle; Pt. 1

UNLESS you’ve been under a rock for the last week, you’ll have noticed that size?’s multiple social media accounts have started to promote a world exclusive collaboration with Nike, in the form of their infamous safari print. First impressions of the Air Max 95 scream size? based on the colour palette alone. But, where did they find the inspiration for this collaboration?

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