#Ad: Crep Protect Ultimate Box review

THERE is a plethora, or should we say an infinite number of protective products when it comes to prolonging the near-perfect condition of your trainers. But, just how much do you know about the vast options available at this point in time? 

Crep Protect offer the Ultimate Box, the kit comprises of seven products; cleaning solution, 2 x Protect Pills, Hog Brush, Eraser, 6 x Wipes and a Microfibre Cleaning-cloth.

Instead of describing each product at length, we broke down three of our favourite from draw from the Ultimate Box to cover in bite-sized chunks.

First of all, a product that combats an issue face by all that wear trainers on long journeys or for prolonged periods of time; a sneakerhead that lives in their sneakers should we say. In a day and age whereby your every-day pair is unlikely to be properly ventilated or made from high-quality leather, Crep Protect produced a small pill-shaped air-freshener that removes any bad odours that lingers atop your insole. They attack the bacteria, absorb moisture and introduce their own fragrance.


Next-up, a handy little wipe that may find residency within your pocket or wallet. This particular wipe is most effective on leather or a rubber midsole; however, we would suggest avoiding usage on suede or nubuck of any sort. For the latter, the next product named on our shortlist will be far more useful. When buying the Ultimate Box, buyers can expect to receive six of these little life-savers.


Finally, a small purple eraser Crep Protect created with the sole (pun intended) purpose of removing small marks upon blemished suede and nubuck surfaces. As the rubber is used, the abrasive materials wears away whilst fixing surface marks; it’s important that these aren’t used for heavy-set dirt stains or water damage, only minor marks. For the aforementioned issue, resort to a water-based solution instead!

Shoe Eraser

Crep Protect products are currently available in all major sneaker retailers.

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