What is Nike’s HTM team?

SOME of Nike’s coveted models share the same, slight acronym embossed, stitched or simply embroidered on each pair. HTM, is a sign of pure, unadulterated Nike design goodness; one of Nike’s most “elusive collaborative series”. Continue reading “What is Nike’s HTM team?”

How the film industry immortalised the sneaker industry, Pt.1

IN light of Swoosh-brand’s recent collaboration with television series, Stranger Things, it seemed only fitting to summarise some of the most influential moments in sneaker-film history. Continue reading “How the film industry immortalised the sneaker industry, Pt.1”

A brief history of the Nike Shox

NIKE are well-known for testing their new technology on the feet of athletes prior to public-availability. This gives the brand ample time to amend and iron-out issues that may arise during tech or a model’s pilotstage. However, in the case of Swoosh’s Shox range, this period of refinement is rumoured to have lasted 16 years. Continue reading “A brief history of the Nike Shox”

The Ghost Racer – A Steven Smith classic

A RELEASE that seemed to drop under the radar, or ghost our wallets – the Ghost Racer was originally a silhouette designed and launched by Nike architect Steven Smith in 1998. Its initial purpose, not unlike that of the Presto, Mayfly, etc. was to benefit athletes. Instead of short bursts, this model was designed to withstand the ultimate test; this was a shoe for marathon runners. Continue reading “The Ghost Racer – A Steven Smith classic”

Modern sneaker-culture’s brash birth

BACK in 2005, Jeff Staple and Nike came together to form one of the trainer-world’s most important collaborative release; the ‘Pigeon” Dunk. A shoe dedicated to New York City and inspired by New York’s native bird — this shoe was labelled by many as the one to start the cult-following we see today… but why? What happened during the week of February 22nd to make this such a landmark trainer? Continue reading “Modern sneaker-culture’s brash birth”