The Ghost Racer – A Steven Smith classic

A RELEASE that seemed to drop under the radar, or ghost our wallets – the Ghost Racer was originally a silhouette designed and launched by Nike architect Steven Smith in 1998. Its initial purpose, not unlike that of the Presto, Mayfly, etc. was to benefit athletes. Instead of short bursts, this model was designed to withstand the ultimate test; this was a shoe for marathon runners.


But where did the Ghostcoining stem from? Well it’s not as mysterious as one may think, especially when the shoe itself is one of Nike’s lightest of the era and loaded with technology to surpass any competitors of the time. Specifically, the way Zoom Technology was integrated into a super-lightweight sole was what made this sneaker introduction so ground-breaking.

This comes within 12 months of the Skylon II, Air Span II, Vomero and other OG-runners being retro’d. Whilst these releases haven’t been the most successful per se, they mark one of the most revolutionary eras in Nike’s history.


Featured image:

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