Third time lucky for the SK Air?

COVETED Grime artist, Skepta, has collaborated with sportswear giants Nike for a third time. However, is this finally a pair that strikes a chord with sneaker head far and wide?

It’s no secret that SK Air projects haven’t exactly been to everyone’s taste. But, collaborate on the shoe that was at its strongest in 1999, dress it in black, cuddle the Quickstrike release in a special packaging and it seems you’re onto a winner. Without getting ahead of the occasion, Skepta is about the make the Deluxe a desirable asset in modern youth culture.


Opposing what we knew of Air Max in the late ’90’s (I.e: a cluster of panels, stitching and angles), the Deluxe introduced a seamless upper to produce what is arguably one of the most visually stunning silhouettes of its decade. An exoskeleton encases the sneaker’s toe and heel, similar fashion to a TN or Presto without the bridge-cuddling cages.

Sitting on top of this streamline upper you would fail to miss a number of scales, forming hoops running from heel to toe. Upon the SK Deluxe, these trademark details became lost in a material jungle of static decal and dates referring to the point in time that “That’s Not Me” dropped on mainstream music sites. This shoe seems to be one far closer to Skepta’s personal life than its predecessors, a shoe that almost plays as a homage to his rise in superstardom over the last 5 years.


Sitting beneath all of this, a sole made popular by the Air Max 97; chosen for comfort and the raw fact that it houses a streamline upper better than any other open-bubble sole base.

This is no ordinary Deluxe and the initial statement will be stood by. Skepta is about to bring the Deluxe into the public eye of Britain’s youth; exactly where it deserves to be.

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