Third time lucky for the SK Air?

COVETED Grime artist, Skepta, has collaborated with sportswear giants Nike for a third time. However, is this finally a pair that strikes a chord with sneaker head far and wide?

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When does a shoe become a legacy?

NIKE have played their ace of 2018¬†and it’s only April. Who would have thought this colour-clad orgy of corduroy would create such a stir; not just within the UK but globally. Customers were camping outside shops in the pouring rain for a pair of shoes… ‘just a pair of shoes’.
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1998’s Air Max rendition sees the light of 2018

TREASURE, tainted by Nike’s own success; the Air Max 98 was an unfortunate follow-up to our ‘beloved’ ’97, one year prior. Fortunately however, as we enter the period where a love of chunkier, heavier sneakers is becoming evermore common; Nike are giving this model its 20 year retro treatment. Continue reading “1998’s Air Max rendition sees the light of 2018”