2016 Up Until Now, Patta Focus.

FIRST of all, I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. From University visits to family additions, it has all happened! However, I have bought myself some free time to publish my thoughts on Patta’s new season set to release this Friday.

Starting in the UK, as per usual Soho has a firm hold on what could be the European street scene with the likes of Supreme and Palace both dropping their SS16 collections within 3 weeks of each other. With the culture as it stands, these ‘camp-outs’ attract similar if not the same customers whom queue store-side until being let in two-by-two if at all. Based on leaks, teasers, look books and what has actually dropped, there has been nothing to tempt money from my pockets as of yet; whereas on the other hand, Dutch brand Patta have had the opposite impression.

To make a change from your regular articles, this will not be focussed on the ‘Hypebeast’ necessities; Patta deserve every compliment when it comes to the amount of passion and effort shown by the team on every piece, let alone every sneaker or limited drop.

Since opening their doors in 2004, Gee and Edson have taken their vision from strength to strength; supplying Amsterdam with the cleanest and up to date trends that would not otherwise be available. This included supplying everything from Asics to KangaROOS and even clothing from the likes of Stussy; note how ongoing collaborations occur between Patta and all of the noted above…proof that hard work does pay off.

The inspiration for their movement came from the shared Hip Hop/MC background, 12 years later these scenes continue to be closely associated with streetwear and proceed to work hand-in-hand to promote each other; a prime example currently being Skepta, and Dizzee Rascal working with Nike Sportswear. Anyway, the duo travelled internationally, searching for clothing and sneakers with a single criteria; collecting boxes upon boxes to ship home. I should mention that this was prior to Adidas Consortium and Tier 0 Nike accounts; prior to the Air max 1 collaborations and even the consideration of an online store. This was another ‘support your local’  independent store, that in 2016 have become more popular than the likes of Size? and JD Sports for instance in the UK.

Sticking with the topic of keeping it local, the brand works with Dam based Artist Piet Parra for artwork and collaborative collections. These come both as an individual artist, and Parra’s brand ‘Rockwell’, both of which are coveted for their eye-catching and abstract designs. Another example, that I can take from Patta’s collaborations with local businesses is Appelsap festival. The collection celebrated the 15th anniversary of the popular Amsterdam festival-for a streetwear brand this unusual pairing reiterates the family feel to the brand that is distinctly lacking within many others. Reminiscent of The Hundreds brand of old.

2011 marked the end of F+F only pieces, and the start of worldwide availability. A small capsule released at 5 separate retailers 6 years ago; this has grown so that 10 more are now licensed to sell the brand and aid the constant expansion in what I believe to be one of the best, and most legitimately genuine brands out there. Leading on nicely to my thoughts on their SS16 look book, along with the sought after Asics Gel Respector.

My first thoughts, to be exact, were ‘comfort and colour’- this collection has pieces for everyone. There is a very obvious sports influence , once again intertwining tracksuits to fit into a more upmarket style without the negative stereotypes of which they are normally associated; and before you ask, no, Palace Skateboards are not being copied here. Throughout, there is a theme of dark green, grey, and black-white colour blocking. As expected, or should I say as hoped, there’s a lot of well placed branding both printed and embroidered. A strong collection of sports shorts seem to be present, which is perfect; this Summer a baggier, looser style will become evermore popular helping the brand become evermore relevant globally, let alone Europe. Below, I present my favourite piece.


This track jacket, in my eyes, is cleaner and easier to wear than any track jackets released by most other brands this season. The full zip combined with black arm patches compliments branding beautifully, creating a furthermore eye-catching delivery. To contrast the majorly dark green upper, the common orange and purple used by Patta has been shaped into the top of a ‘P’. Again, this nice little detail sits nicely on the predominantly dark piece. A first of many purchases this season.

Now onto the Gel Respecter Collab. Asics have partnered with the Dutchmen 3 times now; prior to this release there was a Gel Saga and Gel Lyte III, both of which are now heavily sought after. For myself, the GL3 will always be the most professionally executed due to it being a favourite silhouette- the Saga and Gel Respecter are matched second place, though I do feel this new release will edge above the latter. As a huge fan of pastel colours (that aren’t pink…), this pair as pictured below are the ideal summer sneaker. Not to mention how comfortable the silhouette is on foot.


As I draw an end to this Patta based review, I must emphasise how admirable I am of what Gee and Edson have achieved. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, and they did it. As I’ve mentioned before this is a lot like Bobby Hundreds & co. of whom I am huge fans of; for all of those starting brands or even considering the prospect, look into these companies and research their path- nothing comes without hard work so do not expect it. 2016 is going to be a big year for these guys.


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