First post, Yeezy 350 Boost Pickup.

 TO kick off my time here, thought I would share my latest Sneaker pickup. As worldly known, Kanye West is currently signed to Adidas and has released his most recent Sneaker, the 350 boost as shown above- which followed the 750 boost, a high top, suede and zip featuring pair including the boost technology sole like this pair.
Now, at first I was not a fan of this Sneaker, I felt that it was far too basic (working off of the Nike Yeezy 2 ‘Solar’ for example), and in fact borderline lazy. These hastily gathered perceptions were quickly dispersed however when the pair arrived, as the promotional photos had simply not done justice to what Kanye West had designed here.

Firstly, the upper material (Adidas’ primeknit blend, similar to the flyknit of Nike) sits on the midsole perfectly, giving a very flexible and almost sock-like feel whilst on foot. Within the shoe itself is padding on both the heel panel/cage and lace line, providing huge comfort whilst the thin section of material around the sock liner holds a rigid shape.

The midsole, in my eyes, is rather futuristic and very original. The ‘fins’ are purely for aesthetic purposes, and are now iconic for the Adidas Yeezy franchise in itself- also presented on the toe box of the 950 boot. I have found through wearing the sneaker for 3 days straight, that it holds onto grime and dirt a lot more than the average white midsole; though with time and patience these could easily be cleaned. On a positive note, creasing is yet to appear in this area, and as a sneakerhead being fond of Asics’ ‘Gel Lyte’ franchise this is ideal.

Lastly, the sole contains ‘boost’ technology; as everyone knows this is the pinnacle of Adidas’ comfort at this moment in time. The paragraph prior highlights the only issue with the sole; the overall colour and material used means that it loses colour quickly, whilst actually wearing away at a surprising rate. This however, is my only criticism of the shoe; as a whole i feel that this basic yet detailed design captures the essence of streetwear today- monotone, comfort, and most importantly…hype.

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