1998’s Air Max rendition sees the light of 2018

TREASURE, tainted by Nike’s own success; the Air Max 98 was an unfortunate follow-up to our ‘beloved’ ’97, one year prior. Fortunately however, as we enter the period where a love of chunkier, heavier sneakers is becoming evermore common; Nike are giving this model its 20 year retro treatment. Continue reading “1998’s Air Max rendition sees the light of 2018”

Adidas introduces their next in power, the Kamanda

AS 2017 drew to a close, Adidas’ new silhouette, the Kamanda, began popping up across social media platforms. On-foot photos depicted what may be a slightly more ‘football’ orientated addition to the Prophere, taking Adidas’ renowned gum sole and quite literally spreading it across the sneaker’s upper. In essence, 2018 has been embraced and welcomed with open arms whist a step is taken away from boost, towards wearability alone.  Continue reading “Adidas introduces their next in power, the Kamanda”

Nike’s Off White collaboration of 2018, is not so… off the radar

IN 2017, the sneaker-world saw Virgil Abloh’s brand, Off White, collaborate on ten separate Nike silhouettes to form, ironically, “The 10”. Said collection consisted of a Blazer, Air Max 90, Air Max 97, Air Jordan 1, Air Presto, Converse Allstar, Hyperdunk, Zoomfly, Vapor Max and lastly the classic Air Force 1. Each pair fell victim to a complete silhouette re-vamp, with an array of printed text, open hems, loose panels and added material; Abloh redefined what it meant to work with Nike. 

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Virgil Abloh’s Nike

ON September 14th 2017, I was one of a handful to attend Nike’s “Process of Collaboration” talk within London’s Barbican centre; this was an occasion in which 5 of “The Ten” were released. Guest speakers included both Virgil Abloh and Nate Jobe; Nike’s Senior Design Director, who answered questions towards the end of proceedings on top of signing merchandise. As the event got underway, we were informed 60k had applied alone for this particular ‘workshop’, leaving myself to be one of the lucky number.

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High-End? Streetwear…

IT’S 2017, certain aspects of life are evolving at faster rates than ever before; each day is moulding into the next. It’s gotten to a point where we’re finding it harder to pinpoint artificially manufactured issues, then differentiate in sight of problems that hold some relevance. At this moment in time, male fashion in particular has taken on a surprisingly similar image. Higher fashion has become evermore versatile, evermore applicable to streetwear-framed outfits; we see Gucci sneakers dropped with baggy Nike tracksuits over luxury brand composites. In light of this, however, there’s one huge factor in fashion that has been positively impacted; influence. Social media personalities have become far more powerful per se, if I were to drop names such as Ian Connor and GullyGuyLeo amongst others, you’d immediately relate back to their mass photo-sharing accounts whether that be in a positive or negative light.Above all, I’d foremost like to highlight a single point already made to proceed with, and develop throughout this article; the merge of higher-end brands with other genres, whether it be sports or streetwear.

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Closer look, KAWS x Air Jordan IV…

THOUGH this may not be an article, it is a carefully selected collective of photos to show off the craftsmanship and attention to detail behind this unreal collaboration. A mixture of suede, delicate embroidery and of course crosses, really place these above any… that’s right, any Jordan I’ve ever had in hand.

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Bred ‘n’ Butter Simplicity?

ON September 3rd 2016, I travelled to my nearest sneaker store to document possibly the most anticipated Jordan release of the year. Whilst running up and down the queue grabbing OTF photos, it was blatantly obvious that everyone had dressed to flex; I mean with the weather that we’re currently experiencing why not?! This left me with a beautiful selection of Nike/JB footwear to capture, mainly basketball orientated for the relevant occasion. Continue reading “Bred ‘n’ Butter Simplicity?”