2016 Up Until Now, Patta Focus.

FIRST of all, I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. From University visits to family additions, it has all happened! However, I have bought myself some free time to publish my thoughts on Patta’s new season set to release this Friday.

Starting in the UK, as per usual Soho has a firm hold on what could be the European street scene with the likes of Supreme and Palace both dropping their SS16 collections within 3 weeks of each other. With the culture as it stands, these ‘camp-outs’ attract similar if not the same customers whom queue store-side until being let in two-by-two if at all. Based on leaks, teasers, look books and what has actually dropped, there has been nothing to tempt money from my pockets as of yet; whereas on the other hand, Dutch brand Patta have had the opposite impression. Continue reading “2016 Up Until Now, Patta Focus.”

My thoughts on the FW15 Supreme X TNF collaboration.

I SHALL start with a brief history of Supreme and The North Face working together. Back in 2007, the ‘Summit Series’ genesis jacket was the silhouette of choice to kick off what is now one of the most anticipated Supreme drops each season. On average, there are two collabs per annual year; one in spring, one in fall. In 2015 we saw a heavyweight Denim set drop, as well as a star-clad coach jacket concept; both of which came under fire for a number of reasons. The Denim set was in the limelight due to it’s price (the high side of £400), which leads me on to the remotely average prices given to the Malcolm X quote release. Continue reading “My thoughts on the FW15 Supreme X TNF collaboration.”

British streetwear, versus American streetwear trends. Who influences who?

TO start, I’d like to make the point that there is a clear separation between streetwear, and general street-wear. Streetwear in my eyes is more towards the specified interest in fashion; this includes such cult followed brands such as Supreme, Stussy, Palace, Nike, and Bape, as examples. These brands have built up powerful reputations through globalisation and staying true to their roots (Bape could be argued by the hardcore ‘Bapehead’), and progressively gathering more interest through collaborations; a prime example is Bape crossing over into sportswear by working with Puma. General street-wear is far less exclusive, with retailers to be found on the high street and more than likely self-branded produce rather than the brands noted above. Continue reading “British streetwear, versus American streetwear trends. Who influences who?”

The Evolution of Palace Skateboards- Streetwear Brand.

SINCE the opening morning of Palace’s London, Soho based clothing store on 25/4/15, Lev’s brand has grown from strength to strength; infiltrating it’s way into the firm image of London street fashion as we know it. For years Palace had been overshadowed by the likes of Supreme, Bape, and even Patta; though as fashion is in a constant rotation of trends, this small London based brand has built a firm reputation through collaborations with sport giants Adidas (as an example) leading to a progression above Supreme within this season’s (s/s15) drops in my personal view. Continue reading “The Evolution of Palace Skateboards- Streetwear Brand.”