Burberry’s bright catwalk branded brilliant success

Every year, London sees two branded Fashion Weeks take-over the city centre’s streets and high-profile venues. Promoting and displaying a gathering of the world’s greatest designers’ work.

Saturday 17th February, saw Burberry’s colourful catwalk collection turn heads for a number of reasons — these may not be the reasons you’d typically expect.

As standard, they took centrepiece within the London event. This week was no different with their trademark, perhaps vintage tartan get-up being altered slightly, weaving the notorious LGBTQ+ rainbow into aspects of the designs; coinciding with the UK’s LGBT History Month. Continue reading “Burberry’s bright catwalk branded brilliant success”

Bailey’s Burberry brightens Fashion Week

FASHION week’s regular centrepiece, Burberry, has announced that their Saturday London show will be dedicated to gays rights campaigns and charities. The show will lay feature to an iconic rainbow, woven seamlessly into the brand’s trademark tartan get-up— a percentage of proceeds will be donated to three large charities. The Albert Kennedy Trust, Trevor Project, and ILGA. Continue reading “Bailey’s Burberry brightens Fashion Week”