Today’s drop, AM1 Safari Retro.

TODAY we saw one of, if not arguably the most sought after Air Max 1 collaborative colour way get the retro treatment, as Nike look to become as relevant as they were prior to the Boost hype. Back in ’03, Japanese brand ‘Atmos’ were approached by Nike, this led to a cohesion of the Nike Air Max 1 silhouette and the infamous Air Safari speckled upper that had become all too familiar to Sneakerheads of the time; the relevance of this pairing was due to the fact that 16 years prior they had debuted side-by-side as Nike’s ‘air’ campaign started to gain traction. The front mudguard sported a miniature swoosh, this feature had been inspired by non-collaborative pairs from the early 2000’s, and was then carried on by Dutch brand Patta whom used it on a number of collaborative Nike projects; all of which are coincidently note worthy landmarks for the sportswear brand. Continue reading “Today’s drop, AM1 Safari Retro.”

2016 Up Until Now, Patta Focus.

FIRST of all, I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. From University visits to family additions, it has all happened! However, I have bought myself some free time to publish my thoughts on Patta’s new season set to release this Friday.

Starting in the UK, as per usual Soho has a firm hold on what could be the European street scene with the likes of Supreme and Palace both dropping their SS16 collections within 3 weeks of each other. With the culture as it stands, these ‘camp-outs’ attract similar if not the same customers whom queue store-side until being let in two-by-two if at all. Based on leaks, teasers, look books and what has actually dropped, there has been nothing to tempt money from my pockets as of yet; whereas on the other hand, Dutch brand Patta have had the opposite impression. Continue reading “2016 Up Until Now, Patta Focus.”