2015, Year of the Reseller.

I’D like to start by pointing out that, beside the enormous growth in the resell market, streetwear and fashion have become more prominent in every day life whether it be direct, or indirect to ourselves. Personally, I had never paid resell until early 2016; working within retail and luck of the draw meant I managed to secure many of the pairs dropping throughout the year for retail price, including two of four Yeezy 350 Boost colour ways.  There are, however, a majority whom are not as fortunate as myself. Undoubtably, a reason for resell thriving is the constant collaborative releases- from Don C x Jordan Brand to Balmain x H&M, if it involved a major brand, name, or limited numbers then it automatically sold out.  I will be coming back to the topic of collaborations later on in this article, after a categorical review on how 2015 panned out. Continue reading “2015, Year of the Reseller.”