My thoughts on the FW15 Supreme X TNF collaboration.

I SHALL start with a brief history of Supreme and The North Face working together. Back in 2007, the ‘Summit Series’ genesis jacket was the silhouette of choice to kick off what is now one of the most anticipated Supreme drops each season. On average, there are two collabs per annual year; one in spring, one in fall. In 2015 we saw a heavyweight Denim set drop, as well as a star-clad coach jacket concept; both of which came under fire for a number of reasons. The Denim set was in the limelight due to it’s price (the high side of £400), which leads me on to the remotely average prices given to the Malcolm X quote release. Continue reading “My thoughts on the FW15 Supreme X TNF collaboration.”

Crepe City 14, Europe’s largest Sneaker gathering.

CREPE City has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings back in 2009. From being the original and first UK sneaker event it now incorporates and collaborates with some of Britain’s biggest brands- from Crep Protect sneaker care to the guys at Ropes Laces, the function promises to cater for those both old and new to the addiction thus creating a community of great diversity. Continue reading “Crepe City 14, Europe’s largest Sneaker gathering.”