British streetwear, versus American streetwear trends. Who influences who?

TO start, I’d like to make the point that there is a clear separation between streetwear, and general street-wear. Streetwear in my eyes is more towards the specified interest in fashion; this includes such cult followed brands such as Supreme, Stussy, Palace, Nike, and Bape, as examples. These brands have built up powerful reputations through globalisation and staying true to their roots (Bape could be argued by the hardcore ‘Bapehead’), and progressively gathering more interest through collaborations; a prime example is Bape crossing over into sportswear by working with Puma. General street-wear is far less exclusive, with retailers to be found on the high street and more than likely self-branded produce rather than the brands noted above. Continue reading “British streetwear, versus American streetwear trends. Who influences who?”