The Evolution of Palace Skateboards- Streetwear Brand.

SINCE the opening morning of Palace’s London, Soho based clothing store on 25/4/15, Lev’s brand has grown from strength to strength; infiltrating it’s way into the firm image of London street fashion as we know it. For years Palace had been overshadowed by the likes of Supreme, Bape, and even Patta; though as fashion is in a constant rotation of trends, this small London based brand has built a firm reputation through collaborations with sport giants Adidas (as an example) leading to a progression above Supreme within this season’s (s/s15) drops in my personal view. Continue reading “The Evolution of Palace Skateboards- Streetwear Brand.”

First post, Yeezy 350 Boost Pickup.

 TO kick off my time here, thought I would share my latest Sneaker pickup. As worldly known, Kanye West is currently signed to Adidas and has released his most recent Sneaker, the 350 boost as shown above- which followed the 750 boost, a high top, suede and zip featuring pair including the boost technology sole like this pair.
Now, at first I was not a fan of this Sneaker, I felt that it was far too basic (working off of the Nike Yeezy 2 ‘Solar’ for example), and in fact borderline lazy. These hastily gathered perceptions were quickly dispersed however when the pair arrived, as the promotional photos had simply not done justice to what Kanye West had designed here. Continue reading “First post, Yeezy 350 Boost Pickup.”